Five reasons to love Eleven

Two weeks ago, both of my current favourite television shows returned to air in Britain.  I’ll be writing about Ashes to Ashes soon enough [just you wait!], but right now, let’s focus on our favourite Time Lord.

It was always going to be hard to see David Tennant leave. Ten was my Doctor, the one who I loved more than any other.  But I was growing sick of Russell T Davies’ gratuitous emotional scenes, and when David Tennant – the Doctor who became an actor because he wanted to be the Doctor – thought it was time to go, I could only respect his decision.  So, now we have a new Doctor, and two episodes in, I’m completely hooked.  Here are five reasons why:

1.  The series is now in the hands of the brilliant Steven Moffat.
A life-long Doctor Who fan, Steven Moffat, author of everyone’s favourite New-Who episodes, such as The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace and Blink, has taken over from Russell T Davies as head writer and executive producer, and there really couldn’t be anyone more qualified for the job.  Moffat’s episodes are consistently clever and well-written, and never rely on contrived plots created purely so that the Doctor can see Rose again [see #2].  He also uses the concept of time within his stories – a key element of Doctor Who that many writers seem to ignore.  In so many episodes, the issue of time and the Doctor’s ability to travel through and manipulate it is irrelevant – the Doctor & companion are placed in a situation, and then they solve whatever problem they face.  Moffat likes to play with time, and uses it to great effect within his episodes, which makes sense, really, considering that the Doctor is a Time Lord after all.

2.  Hopefully now we’ll never have to see Rose again.
I know that many people liked Rose, but while she had her good moments, the whole “the Doctor is in love with her, but he can’t be in love with her because he can’t be in love” thing just got ridiculous.  The Doctor does not fall in love with his companions.  That’s how it works.  And think of how poor Martha felt every time the Doctor mentioned Rose and went all quiet.  Rebound, much?  Yes, it was the Rose/Doctor storyline that was responsible for drawing in many of the fangirls, and therefore the revived series’ success, but was it really necessary?  I preferred Billie Piper back when she was a 90s pop star… “Why you gotta play that song so loud? Because we want to! Because we want to!”

3.  Amy Pond has red hair, and she’s Scottish.
She is also an excellent companion for the new Doctor, and she’s already stood up to him and saved Britain [slight spoiler if you haven’t seen episode two yet – you’d better catch up].  Steven Moffat has a history of writing strong female characters [Lynda Day, anyone?], and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for Amy.

4.  The Daleks are coming back in episode three.
They’re the classic Doctor Who enemy, and it’s good to see them again.  Yes, they’re horrible and evil, but I always get excited when I hear their robotic catch-cry: “EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!”  And we know that the Doctor is going to somehow defeat them.  He always does.

5.  He wears a bow tie, and he’s adorable.
And, above all, he’s THE DOCTOR.  Sonic screwdriver, TARDIS, Winston Churchill phoning in for help.  What more could you possibly ask for?

[If you haven’t seen it yet, the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who will be available on ABC iView from midnight on Friday 19th April, two days before its television broadcast.]


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