Film Review: The Hobbit

I’m just going to go ahead and assume that there is no such thing as a spoiler for The Hobbit, considering that the story was first published in 1937.  Besides, this film is only the beginning…


Oh my, Martin Freeman is absolutely brilliant in The Hobbit.  I was initially a little weary of this particular casting choice; as much as I love Martin Freeman, he does seem to only have two facial expressions: “Martin Freeman face” and “Martin Freeman annoyed face”.  But, all of my doubts were proven wrong by his performance.  Freeman’s acting helps to ensure Bilbo Baggins’ likeability – which is very important.  It is his story, after all.  And if you can’t like Bilbo, then you’re not going to understand or empathise with his motives.

The film is long, particularly for the first installment of a three-film series.  But, while it feels long, it doesn’t drag [unlike that other ridiculously long film in cinemas at the moment].  Anyone with a knowledge of the book will find themselves thinking at times, ‘Oh yes, it’ll probably end here.’  But then it doesn’t.  It just keeps going.

AidanTurner_Hobbit_SWIFFKili – aka The Hot Dwarf. [source]

The Dwarves were each introduced very well, and although we haven’t completely learnt about them all, I’m sure that they will all seem very familiar by the end of the third film.  Most of the dwarves are completely unrecognisable from the actors who played them – I absolutely did not realise that James Nesbitt was in the film until I saw his name in the credits!  There is one exception to this, however: Kili [brother of Fili].  Portrayed by Aiden Turner [the other guy from Being Human], he’s obviously the hot one [see the above picture], but what is most confusing is that he doesn’t even look like a dwarf!  His facial hair isn’t very long, and he doesn’t have any plaits, or wear a hat or anything.

The Hobbit ties into the Lord of the Rings trilogy very well, using Elijah Wood as Frodo at the start of the film to link the stories together.  Quite a few familiar characters return, as does Bret McKenzie!  Although, not as Figwit – this time his elf actually has a name, Lindir [a father or brother of Figwit, perhaps].  Overall, I enjoyed the film far more than I expected to [thanks to Martin Freeman’s awesomeness], and I’m looking forward to the next one.


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