Falls Festival Photodump.

For those of you who may not realise [because you haven’t been reading this blog or following me on twitter], I spent the new year period working at the Falls Music & Arts Festival in Marion Bay.  Since getting back on Friday, I’ve caught up on all the television I’ve missed, and have returned to full time work.  As I don’t really know if/when I’ll have time to properly write up a report on my festival funtimes, I figured that I may as well post a bunch of photos as evidence that I really did go there and do things.  Enjoy.

IMG_1194 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1245 IMG_1249 IMG_1255 IMG_1260 IMG_1264 IMG_1265 IMG_1268 IMG_1272 IMG_1279 IMG_1282 IMG_1304 IMG_1313 IMG_1324 IMG_1333 IMG_1338

1. The beautiful clean valley stage before the punters arrived. // 2. Tacos! // 3. A free hat with an important message. // 4. & 5. JOHNNY FUCKIN’ MARR! // 6. Moo Brew. // 7. Me & Glenn. // 8. Owen’s Woodfire Nachos. // 9. London Grammar. // 10. Jade and Nikki at the Information Station. // 11. Solange. // 12. The Cat Empire. // 13. On the way to the beach. // 14. Jacket tree. // 15. Fiesta! // 16. This is what happens when a lion sheds its skin [or needs to go to the bathroom]. // 17. Neil Finn. // 18. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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