Extra Ordinary or Ordinary Extra // twentysomething

The new season of twentysomething returns to ABC2 [and iView] tomorrow night.  I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly intrigued as to what crazy things Jess and Josh are going to do next, particularly after watching the trailer.

I was actually lucky enough to be an extra in one of the upcoming episodes.  It was filmed months ago [to the point where I actually can’t remember when it was – November or December last year, maybe?].  I don’t know where the episode fits within the running order of the series, and I can’t really give away any details here [spoilers].  But the whole experience was quite fun.

There were a group of background actors for this particular sequence.  The shoot took pretty much all day, with a lot of sitting around doing nothing [for us, anyway].  But the catering was damn good – especially the pavlovas on offer for dessert.

The only slightly awkward thing that happened was when I was in a position where I may have been appearing in shot behind some of the major characters, and the make-up lady [who was putting powder on everyone’s faces to stop them looking shiny under the lights] decided that I was ghostly pale and needed some blush and bronzer.  I was the only extra who had to actually get their face done.

As I said, I’m not sure which episode I’ll be in, so if you want to see me, your safest bet will be to watch them all.  Remember, if you can’t catch an episode when it airs, iView is your friend.


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