EXTRA FUNNY: More MICF 2014 picks!

I have seen many more shows since my last Melbourne International Comedy Festival recommendations post [which was only two days ago – what can I say? I’ve been very busy], and therefore have some more recommendations for you.  As with my previous post, these are all shows that I have seen at this year’s festival, and I stand behind each and every one of these recommendations.  I have now used the word “recommendations” too many times in this paragraph, but am too sleep-deprived to go back and rewrite it.  YAY COMEDY!

Tom LangIf you want to learn things about animals: Tom Lang.
Love, Factually is an educational comedy show taught/presented by a science teacher.  There’s a slideshow and props and enough jokes to keep you laughing for pretty much the entire show. [link]

Noise Adventure!If you like absurd electro-pop music: Kate Dehnert.
At the start of her show on Tuesday night, Kate warned the crowd that we weren’t in for a typical comedy show.  Apparently one of her earlier performances had completely baffled the crowd, so she now felt it better to offer a disclaimer at the start.  For someone who has only been dabbling in the musical side of comedy for less than a year, Kate has carved her own niche, creating hilarious songs that never fail to surprise you. [link]

Genevieve FrickerIf you like your musical comedy with a side of cynicism: Gen Fricker.
Do you remember this ad for McCain super juicy corn?  If not, maybe watch it for a bit of a refresher before seeing this show.  And then go and see the show before it finishes its run on the 7th of April (next Monday).  Quick!  Go! [link]

Colin LaneIf you like Colin Lane: Colin Lane.
Lano is doing a fairly small show in the Regent Room at the Melbourne Town Hall, and it is exactly what you would expect from him: couple of musical performances, some dad jokes and a bunch of references to a Gwen Stefani lyric. [link]

We Heart ComedyAnd finally, if you ❤ comedy: Victoria Healy’s We ❤ Comedy.
I know I’ve already told you to see Vic Healy’s solo show, but this one is also worth a look.  These showcase-style gigs can vary from night to night, but aside from the Festival Club, this is the best one that I’ve seen so far.  Last night’s show featured Rebecca De Unamuno, Bart Freebairn and the Lords of Luxury.  It was very good.  Hopefully future shows will also be very good, but as I said, it does very much depend on the calibre of guest.  At least with this one, you can guarantee that the host will always be good.  Have I used the word “good” enough in describing this show?  Yes?  Good. [link]

Images from the MICF website.


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