Episode 12 of Empire of Enthusiasts (featuring me!)

Episode 12 of Empire of Enthusiasts (featuring me!)

I recently had the honour of appearing in an episode of Empire of Enthusiasts, alongside hosts Nick Caddaye and Adam McKenzie, and one of my favourite Australian comedians, Tegan Higginbotham.  In this episode, we talk about the Veronica Mars movie, lens flares, how fun it is to murder people when playing The Sims, and more!

Self-conscious disclaimer/thing:
In the defense of my appearance and demeanour in the following video, I was unprepared and incredibly nervous.  I’ve attended several of the Empire of Enthusiasts tapings since the show began in August, and had held on to the hope that one day my dedication may head to an invitation to appear on the show.  I just wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon.  With no chance to practice disguising my default blank expression, or work out how to smile convincingly or talk down the barrel of a camera without looking like a crazed serial killer (look, it’s been a while since I last had a televised hosting gig, okay?  Let’s just say that I’m more than a little out of practice), I’ve probably destroyed my chances at ever being asked back on my new favourite nerdy YouTube show.  But, I can only hope that at some point in the future they give me a second chance.


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