Did ‘Share A Cone’ Really Have The Best Hot Chips At Falls?

Did ‘Share A Cone’ Really Have The Best Hot Chips At Falls?


To say that I really like chips would be an understatement.  I love chips.  They’re my favourite food, and if it weren’t for the obvious health problems that would occur, I would eat chips and only chips forever more.  Because of this, I consider myself a bit of a chip expert.

So, as soon as I saw Share A Cone’s claims to have ‘the best hot chips at Falls’, I knew that I was going to have to check to see if that really was the case.  I was likely to eat most of the different varieties of chip anyway, so I figured that I may as well assess them.  The rating system that I created [completely on-the-fly, while eating the Share A Cone chips] considers five important aspects of chip perfection: presentation, size/shape, sauce and condiment options, taste/crunch, and price.  Each of these elements is given a rating out of ten, which are all added up to give the chips an overall score out of fifty.

This rating system is far from perfect [as I didn’t really give myself much time to think about it], and may be revised in the future.  But anyway, on to the chips…

Share A Cone

Presentation: 7/10
Served in a cone, to give an authentic Belgian appearance.  But, the lack of a fork made it difficult to eat the chips without getting sauce all over your hands – a common problem with serving chips in a cone.
Size and shape of chip: 10/10
1cm x 1cm, these chips were the perfect size to cook to perfection.  Too big, and the chip gets too oily as it cooks through, too thin and you don’t get enough potato inside the crispy chip skin.
Sauce and condiment options: 9/10
Many different sauce and condiment options available, including [but not limited to] chicken salt, tomato sauce and vinegar.  Mayonnaise cost $1 extra, but was the proper stuff – nice and creamy.
Taste and crunch: 10/10
These chips were cooked perfectly.  Crisp on the outside, but soft on the inside, and not too oily.
Price: 7/10
$4.50 for a small [yet generous] cone was quite decent, but having to pay extra for mayo pushed the price up to $5.50, which wasn’t so good.
Total: 43/50

Corn, Hot Chips
This place didn’t have a proper name, only a banner advertising the chips and corn that it was selling

Presentation: 7/10
Like Share A Cone, these chips were served in a plain cone without a fork.
Size and shape of chip: 8/10
Shoestring fries are often cooked badly, and served soggy or dry.
Sauce and condiment options: 9/10
Two different chip sauces available, and the option of salt and pepper was nice.  Not enough places offer a salt and pepper mix for their chips.  Tomato and BBQ sauces were also available upon request.
Taste and crunch: 6/10
The chips were cooked through, but they weren’t crisp.  Smaller fries were dry, and longer ones were a bit soggy.
Price: 9/10
$5 for a good sized cone, all sauces and condiments included.  Decent value for money.
Total: 39/50

Baby Burger

Presentation: 8/10
Cute Baby Burger packaging, but still no fork.  Apparently nobody gives out forks with their chips anymore.  Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time in Belgium…
Size and shape of chip: 9/10
Good size, varying lengths.
Sauce and condiment options: 7/10
Baby Burger only have one sauce option: chilli lime mayo.  The chips are also seasoned with chilli.  Despite these limitations, they get a decent score because both the sauce and seasoning were delicious.
Taste and crunch: 6/10
Freshly cooked, but quite soggy.  Could have done with a tiny bit longer in the deep fryer.
Price: 6/10
For $6, you’d expect a larger serving, particularly in comparison to the other chips available.
Total: 36/50

The Mexican Food Truck
Which probably had a different name, but I didn’t think to either photograph it or write it down.  It was the only ‘Mexican’ food place there, though.


Presentation: 3/10
Standard hot chip takeaway cup – no effort made, whatsoever.  The only thing worse would be a plain paper bag.
Size and shape of chip: 9/10
Difficult to fault in size.  These were good chunky chips.
Sauce and condiment options: 6/10
They had all the basics: tomato and barbecue sauces, chicken salt.  The chips appeared to be served unsalted.  No mayo or chilli options.
Taste and crunch: 6/10
Well cooked, but a bit dry.  Probably not served fresh.  They may have been sitting out for an hour or so.
Price: 7/10
$4 is a pretty decent price, but the serving size was pretty small.
Total: 33/50

Flip Burger

Presentation: 6/10
Served in a paper bag, but slightly redeemed by serving the sauce in a separate container with lid.
Size and shape of chip: 9/10
A good size chip.
Sauce and condiment options: 8/10
Lots of different sauce options.  Chips come with some sort of unidentifiable seasoning on them – it’s red, but not chili.  There’s a slight cheesy taste.  But what the hell is it?!
Taste and crunch: 4/10
Good flavour, but absolutely no crunch.  All chips were very soggy.
Price: 8/10
$4 for a decent sized serving, but $1 extra for sauces.
Total: 34/50

The overall consensus:
With an excellent 43/50, I can confirm that there was no false advertising: Share A Cone really do have the best hot chips at Falls.  Unless, of course, you count Hot Chip*.

*The band.  That was a joke.


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