• 6 years ago

    Cosplaying is one of the art which the person can enjoy alot and make the moment memorable for the whole life…I hope you enjoyed alot…The photoshoot is perfect….Thanks for sharing the blog with us…

  • S
    4 years ago

    Brilliance in cosplay pairing ( and comic subtlety ) award for the”Jesus and Ramona” pic ( I wonder how many unfamiar with literary legend and former school library bane Cleary get the joke ).
    LevelUp : 42 xp for that*

    Yes, thats a Douglas Adams reference mixed in. I figure any fan of “Scott Pilgrim” might at least enjoy the awkward comedy of the GENTLY books, if not H2G2

  • 3 years ago

    @S The Jesus and Ramona thing was so very amusing to me – but nobody else picked up on it. I’m glad there’s someone else out there who shares my taste for puns based on children’s literature.

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