Costuming and Cosplay: Liv Moore, iZombie

liv moore costume

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne,
Saturday June 27th, 2015.

As per usual, I went to quite a bit of effort to put this costume together, and then hardly took any photos.

Costume details:
Lab coat from Melbourne Uni (via The Co-op), with a fake pocket sewn over the emblem.
Old dress from Cotton On, Florence and the Machine hoodie, and Dr Martens boots.
Wig from Heaven Costumes (cut and styled by me).
The make-up took a couple of trial runs. It was mainly white cake make-up with a whole bunch of brown eyeshadow, plus black and pink eyeliner.

Liv Moore iZombie cosplay
I found another Liv Moore! She even had red contacts in – full on zombie mode.


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