Costuming and Cosplay: Janet Snakehole

Costuming and Cosplay: Janet Snakehole

Please forgive me for not posting about my Halloween costume until a month after the actual date. I wrote this up the day after Rose’s party, and it’s been floating around in my drafts ever since. Better late than never, right?


Sometimes the best Halloween costumes are the ones that you put together at the very last minute. After the costume-that-never-was fell through for me on Tuesday afternoon, I spent most of my lunch break on Wednesday putting together the following masterpiece for Rose’s Halloween party that night.

Janet Snakehole*
a.k.a. April Ludgate [from Parks & Recreation] using a weird voice and trying to freak people out.

The costume itself was quite simple: a black dress and cardigan, with some very specific accessories. I made the hat and veil using fabric and mesh from Lincraft [their 50% off ‘Make Your Own Fascinator’ sale really came in handy]. It was quite simple to put together – I just made a base out of cardboard and used double-sided tape to stick the fabric onto it. That bit secured to my head with a piece of elastic, and I just tucked the veiling in underneath. It held in place all night without any difficulties. Aside from that, all I needed to complete the outfit were some cheap pearls [which I picked up at I ♥ This Shop for $3.99], and a cigarette holder [$2.99 at Party And You].

Please excuse my stupid facial expressions in these photos. Unfortunately this is the only photographic evidence I have of this costume. Also, it was quite warm, hence the lack of jacket/cardigan.

I really wish that I’d managed to get some good photos of my costume, but in all the stress of madly crafting a hat in the short amount of time between getting home from work and leaving for the party, I somehow forgot to take my camera with me. Thankfully Rose took a few shots throughout the night. Still, photos or no photos, I had a great night, which is what really matters.

*I should thank Glenn for coming up with this idea for me. Firstly, because it was perfect, and secondly because I have no idea what I would have done otherwise.



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  • Kenzie
    6 years ago

    [comment deleted]

  • Kenzie
    6 years ago

    JUST kidding you made it and I hate myself for leaving that comment – please don’t approve it haha

  • 6 years ago

    As a compromise I just approved this one instead… The hat was really easy to make – sequin fabric and cardboard made up the bulk of it, and then cheap veiling from a craft shop kind of tucked underneath.

  • Louise
    5 years ago

    I’m attempting this costume for Halloween this year. Your costume is brilliant. When you say you attached the hat with elastic, was that clear elastic that went under your chin? I can’t tell from the photos and I’m not sure how to keep it attached to my head!

  • 5 years ago

    It was a black piece of elastic that went under my hair at the back. I also put a couple of bobby pins onto the elastic right next to the hat, to really hold it in place.

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