Hamish Blake and I have many things in common…  Intelligent/attractive wife and adorable child.  Paid to do silly things while travelling the world.  One half of this year’s most anticipated drive time radio program.  Owing successes to humble beginnings at Channel 31 in Melbourne.

Hamish wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his RMITV/C31 show Radio Karate winning the Antenna Award for best comedy, which led to The Hamish and Andy Show being picked up by Seven.  My career may not be as illustrious as that of Mr Blake, but it was my production experience with Renegade Films on Dancing About Architecture, as well as my work as producer and music director of 1700, that I have to thank for the opportunity to work on RocKwiz.

C31 Melbourne and Geelong, alongside other community broadcasters around Australia, is an amazing training ground, and has served as a launching pad for the careers of numerous people in the Australian media industry.  And the government wants to shut it down.

Last year, Malcolm Turnbull announced his intention to no longer renew community television broadcasting licenses after 2015, in order to free up the spectrum for “testing”. He stated that the best outcome for community television would be to move online.

While online broadcasting may play a big role in the future of television, this is the present. And right now, moving online would mean the end.

This week is the Commit to Community TV “Week of Action”. If we all make noise together, maybe the right people will listen. Find out more about the value of community television and how you can help get the message out at i.committocommunitytv.org.au, as well as the Commit to Community TV Facebook page, and start conversations with the #committocommunitytv hashtag on Facebook and Twitter.


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