COMING SOON: Do You Know What I Mean? – Doctor Who Trivia Special

COMING SOON: Do You Know What I Mean? – Doctor Who Trivia Special

After the success of our NBC Comedy Special, I’m pleased to announce our next night of trivial festivities*:

Ladies and gentlemen, put down your fish fingers and custard, because it is time to put your Gallifreyan knowledge to the test.

We’ve parked the TARDIS around the back of the John Curtin Hotel, where we’ll be holding our first ever DOCTOR WHO trivia special. Covering predominantly the “New Who” era [2005 onwards], there’ll be questions about everything from Sontarans and Silurians to Captain Jack and Rory Williams.

There’ll be prizes galore, including special awards for best dressed and most inventive team name. So, invite your loved ones out for texting and scones, and head on down to the Curtin. Just make sure you get in early if you want a good table… and DON’T BLINK!

Glenn and I are looking forward to cracking out our Doctor and Amy Pond costumes for the occasion.  It’s going to be brilliant!  For more details, check out the facebook event.

*Do You Know What I Mean? is held in the front bar of the John Curtin Hotel every Monday night at 7:30.  We have a free weekly pop culture trivia competition, with monthly specials.  For more details, and the latest news about our upcoming events, check out our facebook page.


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