Ten Things.

Heading to my new home. A photo posted by Britt Aylen (@snapoutofbritt) on Jan 24, 2016 at 11:43am PST So far in 2016, I have…

Red My Lips 2015

This month I’m wearing red lipstick to raise awareness and start conversations about sexual violence. Red My Lips is an international non-profit organisation that uses red lipstick as a weapon and a tool to raise awareness about sexual violence, combat rape myths and victim-blaming, and demonstrate solidarity and support for all survivors. 

That’s me in the corner.

Stressful days call for copious amounts of alcohol – or tea, if that’s your kind of thing. I started with alcohol [and a healthy dose of Greg Sestero/The Room], but have since moved on to tea, accompanied by a playlist of 90s alternative music.