LIVE REVIEW: Biffy Clyro – The HiFi, May 19th

Never before have I seen such a poor choice in support act. For a crowd who have been waiting for five months to see Biffy Clyro [they had to reschedule their January dates due to James needing a minor operation], having to wait through predominantly instrumental post-rock group These Hands Could Separate the Sky was a little bit much.

LIVE REVIEW: Stereophonics – 15th April, Palace Theatre

There aren’t too many of the original Britpop bands still floating around, but Welsh rockers Stereophonics are still going strong.  Selling out the Palace, last Thursday they played to a crowd who appeared to be about 3/4 British [English/Welsh/Scottish] and maybe 1/4 Australian, judging by the roar  following charismatic [and tiny] singer Kelly Jones’