Can Video Hits Be Fixed?

Remember when Video Hits used to look like this?

When I was younger, I used to have a special routine on the weekends.  I’d wake up as early as I could in order to watch Rage [although my stepmother wouldn’t let me turn on the telly until after 4am], and then I’d click straight over to Video Hits.  It would be the same every weekend until I started high school, and Saturday morning piano lessons disrupted my video clip-watching sessions.  While I no longer spend Saturday and Sunday mornings in front of the television, both Rage and Video Hits will always hold a special place within my childhood memories.

I was therefore a little sad when I read today that Video Hits may be no more.  From the Herald Sun:

THE axe is hovering over Channel 10 shows including ‘Sports Tonight’ and ‘Late News’ in the wake of a major network restructure. Weekend morning television institution Video Hits has already got the chop, with crew on the music video show unable to hide their dismay yesterday after being told they were no longer required.

“Channel 10 stars face chop in major restructure”, Herald Sun July 5th 2011

After the Eurovision Song Contest, Video Hits [which has been on air since 1986] is the second longest-running music television program in the world, and even though I’m not a fan of the current format, I would be devastated to see it end.  There is hope, however, that the show could continue on, albeit in a different format.  This led to some thoughts of how I would choose to improve Video Hits:

1.  Get rid of the hosts.
Back in the day, Video Hits consisted of three things: video clips, competitions that my mother wouldn’t let me ring up for, and ad breaks.  There were no badly-researched interviews, or people trying to be funny.  It was a showcase of music, and nothing more.  If you’re watching a video clip show, you don’t need people constantly reminding you that that is indeed what you are watching.  You should be able to work it out from the music clips and the rotating “Video Hits” logo in the corner of the screen.

2.  Broadcast decent interviews.
I don’t mind there being the occasional chat with a band to promote their new video clip, but it’d be nice if the person doing the interview actually had some idea of what they were asking about.  If a relatively big international band is going to only have one interview on Australian telly, I’d prefer it to actually be about their music, and not whether or not they like Koalas/have tried Vegemite.

3.  Bring back the ARIA chart countdown.
I know the charts are full of crap these days, but those songs are there because people are buying them.  If Video Hits wants to play the clips that people want to see, then they should play the songs that everyone is buying.  By all means, continue to broadcast other videos, too.  But one of my favourite memories from watching the show growing up, was watching the countdown each week to see if it had changed.  All they need is to play the top ten once a week – maybe in the final hour of their Sunday morning slot.

These are just my thoughts, however, and I somehow doubt Network Ten will be taking them into account if/when they choose to revamp the show.  Still, I’d like to know what your thoughts are.  Can Video Hits be fixed?  And how would you do it?



  • Eli G
    8 years ago

    But still, the countdown itself is not an item I really enjoyed. … actually good blog here 🙂

  • 8 years ago

    Thanks. I wasn’t quite a fan of much of the content of the countdown in its later years, but I enjoyed the concept of it. Sitting around each week, eagerly awaiting number one. I used to compare the countdowns between Video Hits and Rage [and sometimes they were drastically different].

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