Brunes comme moi.

I’ve mentioned BB Brunes a couple of times recently – I’ll be seeing them at L’Olympia in November, and I’m oh so excited – but as they’re a French band, I can’t expect you to know who I’m talking about. So, here’s a little bit of an introduction.

Over the past ten years, a new wave of French music has emerged, through the likes of Bénabar and Renan Luce. Not knowing what to call it, someone coined the term “nouvelle scène française”, and it kind of stuck. BB Brunes emerged in 2007 with their debut album Blonde Comme Moi, at the front of that scène. With influences ranging from Serge Gainsbourg to The Strokes, they released their second album, Nico Teen Love last year, and are one of France’s biggest home-grown talents.

With singles like “Le Gang” and “Dis-Moi” all over the radio, they had a song included on the French soundtrack to the second Twilight film, and in November are touring some of the biggest venues in France. Oh, and did I mention that lead singer and songwriter Adrien Gallo is only 20 [il est trois mois plus jeune que moi – ça me fait penser que je n’ai fait rien dans ma vie! Félix est encore plus jeune, mais Karim et Bérald sont nés en 1987 – c’est un peu mieux, je crois].

Their latest single is “Nico Teen Love”, the title track from their second album, and it’s got a pretty awesome clip, so do yourself a favour and check it out:

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