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*Yes, I know that this is a lame post title, but I don’t care. Just think of it as a slightly tweaked Clueless reference. You know, this scene? And this one? So you still think it’s lame. Okay. Fine.

You may have noticed that to the right hand side of this post, nestled towards the bottom of the sidebar, is a list of links labelled “Blogroll”.  These are the blogs that I check on a fairly regular basis [sometimes daily, but normally 2-3 times a week].  Today, I thought I’d share with you a little more information about each of these publications, in the hope that you may discover some new reading materials.

A Beginners Guide to Free to Air TV
This sporadically-updated blog is an ode to television, written by someone who refuses to download episodes.  When it’s Doctor Who time, Alexandra Neill shies away from the internet, and waits patiently for the episode to air on the ABC.  I admire her dedication.  Oh, and did I mention that she also writes about Press Gang?  What’s not to love.

Adventures in TV-Land
Speaking of Miss Alexandra Neill, it’s also worth pointing out that she’s a television writer extraordinaire, and has been doing some pretty fascinating things of late – from playing quidditch, to writing jokes for Good News Week.  This blog is her first-hand account of life as an interesting person.

Britt’s List
When I went gallivanting around Europe for three months over Christmas [note: I did spend about a third of that time studying, so it wasn’t all fun and games], I left Glenn with a list of tasks to complete while I was gone.  Now, the golden rule in this day and age is, of course, pics or it didn’t happen, so Glenn chronicled his achievements on this tumblr.  Obviously, I’ve been back for some time now, and the list has been completed, but it is worth going back and taking a look at some of the things that he did [constructing an Eiffel Tower out of chips, for example].

Defamer AU
Unfortunately, Jess McGuire announced on Friday that Defamer AU is over.  Done.  Finito.  And I can safely state that I’m sad to see it go.  I didn’t care too much for the American celebrity gossip, but the YouTube clips of the day – featuring the likes of Washington and Icehouse – were always a good bit of fun.

Dress, Memory
Every Friday, Lorelei Vashti publishes a photo of one of her dresses, accompanied by a written piece.  A deeply personal journey through her thoughts and memories – and wardrobe – Dress, Memory is a beautiful and compelling project that I look forward to each week.  This article, an interview with Lorelei from the Herald Sun, sums it up perfectly.

Frangipani Princess
Georgie Carroll is one of those young whippersnappers that makes me feel terribly ashamed of my own [lack of] achievements.  She may still be in high school, but she’s well on her way to a job in the magazine industry – especially considering she’s done numerous bouts of work experience with Dolly and Girlfriend, and has been featured [several times] in both magazines on her own merits.  Georgie’s blog covers a lot of ground – from fandom and schoolwork to magazine photoshoots.  Don’t be put off by the fact that she’s only seventeen, because, let’s face it, she’ll probably be my boss someday.

Jeremy & Kathleen
Jeremy is a software engineer.  Kathleen is a graphic designer.  They remodeled their house, got married, and Kathleen set up a freelance design business.  This blog is equal parts life, food, design and inspiration, and I find it to be a refreshing burst of positivity.

Mark Watson
This man is not only my favourite comedian, but he’s also one of my favourite contemporary novelists.  Just over a year ago, after Mark’s 30th birthday, he decided to blog daily for the next ten years – as a part of his Ten Year Self-Improvement Challenge.  Unfortunately the blogless day came last week, but in an effort to move forward we shall refrain from mentioning it again.  Mark covers a variety of topics, so don’t be too concerned that a recent post is about football.  Such sport-related entries are fairly rare, I promise.

Not Nadia
Thalia is able to identify any Law & Order episode within five minutes of the opening titles.  Usually it only takes one.  She also cares passionately about Bones and Doctor Who, and has some pretty strong opinions when it comes to the new Torchwood series.  If you like your television commentary witty, yet coming from the heart of a true fan, then this blog is for you.

Nubby Twiglet
I discovered Nubby Twiglet a few years ago, back when Gala Darling’s blog was still called iCiNG and the two of them “got married” and went on about being Virgo soulmates.  However, unlike Gala, I’ve kept reading Nubby’s stuff because I think she’s genuinely talented.  And when she got married last year, she didn’t make a big fuss of it.  This blog may be about Nubby, but it’s not just an advertorial.  She provides genuinely good content, and writes honestly about the freelance design industry, as well as sharing her inspirations.  [Also, she doesn’t spend every second post begging you to buy her e-book, or charge $100 for a bullshit self-help course aimed at teenage girls with low self-esteem].

Reasons You Will Hate Me
Marieke Hardy’s blog was once anonymous, and is now defunct.  Don’t bother subscribing to the RSS feed, because it’s not coming back.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great piece of work to go back and read through.  Trawl the archives.  There’s some brilliant stuff hidden in there.  And if you like what you see, check out some of Marieke’s other work, such as the kids TV series Short Cuts, or her articles for frankie magazine.

Sick Mouthy
Nick Southall, ex-writer for Stylus, was the mastermind behind the Music Diary Project.  He hasn’t updated in a while, but when he does he writes mainly about music, but occasionally covers other aspects of life and pop culture.

The Scrivener’s Fancy
This weekly series of columns is currently on hiatus while Tony Martin works on his new TV show [I know, how exciting!], but there’s plenty of great stuff in the archives to keep you satisfied while you wait.

What do you think?  Have I missed anyone?  Do you write a little something that you think I should be reading?  Comment away!




  • 8 years ago

    So is Nubby the anti-Gala? For the girls who have been disappointed by the way Gala’s blog has evolved?

    I’ve been reading Gala’s blog since 2008, back when she had no money and blogged every day. And yes, I signed up for that course, even though I have high self esteem, because her optimism is infectious and her writing is an escape for me. I still am hesitant to tell people how much I like her blog.

    I doubt you care, but I can let you know if the course really is crap.

    If Nubby had a course in design, I would so sign up for that, too.

  • 8 years ago


    I’ve been reading Gala’s blog since the very start, too. And up until maybe a year ago, I really enjoyed reading it. Back when she began, that blog was an optimistic breath of fresh air, but now I just find that it makes me feel quite cynical of her lifestyle. I miss the days when reading iCiNG would leave me inspired. These days it just annoys me.

    I don’t know if Nubby is the anti-Gala as such, but the reason I felt the need to make a comparison is that I’ve been reading Nubby for about the same amount of time, and I still have a lot of respect for her. I’d definitely sign up if she offered a design course [or even a freelancing 101 type of thing].

    Please do let me know if Gala’s course is any good. I may not enjoy her blog anymore, but I still find myself reading it…
    Did you buy any chapters of Love & Sequins?

  • 8 years ago

    @Britt, embarrassingly, you can tell just how much Love & Sequins I bought… here.


  • 8 years ago

    @Lauren – At the start, I was really tempted by Love & Sequins, but I always thought that $12 was a little steep. Was it worth it?

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