Kate Nash + Riot Grrrl = ?

Kate Nash is back, with a little more attitude than before.  The first single, “Do Wah Doo”, from new album My Best Friend is You was released on Monday, and while it doesn’t depart too much from the whimsical storytelling songs of Made of Bricks, reports have it that the rest of the album is a little different.


Channel 31 and SYN Media present LIVE AT THE LAWN, this Friday, outside the State Library. Come on down, for FREE LIVE MUSIC, including performances from Calling All Cars, Red Ink and Renee Cassar. 

Five reasons to love Eleven

Two weeks ago, both of my current favourite television shows returned to air in Britain.  I’ll be writing about Ashes to Ashes soon enough [just you wait!], but right now, let’s focus on our favourite Time Lord.