Auditioning for RocKwiz

My RocKwiz audition. I’m the brunette in the middle.

RocKwiz have just announced their dates for the taping of season nine, which means that some lucky Kwizlisters will get the opportunity to audition for Australia’s only televised pub quiz.  I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a contestant a few years ago [November 2008, to be precise], so I thought I’d share my experience of the audition process.

Firstly, you need to be a member of the Kwizlist [see the official RocKwiz website for details].  When they decide the dates for the show, they’ll send you an email with instructions.

When you apply for tickets to the show, you’re given the option of a table or standing room.  I chose standing room, as there’s more of a chance of getting tickets that way, however if you don’t think you’d be able to stay upright for several hours, a table might be the way to go.  People at tables get to nominate one potential contestant per table.  Those with standing room have a few chances to be chosen.  When I applied for tickets, I put my name down as a potential contestant, and happened to be chosen.  Not everyone is that lucky.

Most episodes [aside from a few specials] are filmed in the Gershwin room at the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda.  You’ll need to arrive at around 6pm, and the taping should end at around 11pm or so [they film two episodes a night, and they always go for a bit longer than they do on the telly].  Potential contestants are invited on stage for a round of questions not unlike those you’d see on the show itself [including the Million Dollar Riffs].  They generally audition twenty-four people, which is then narrowed down to eight [four for each episode].  Sometimes, if you’re doing really well in the auditions, Brian will tell you then and there that you’re in, and ask you to shut up and give other people a go.  Everyone else finds out how well they’ve done at the end of the auditions, when the successful contestants’ names are announced to the crowd.

Once you’re up there answering questions, it’s up to you to know your stuff.  You need to prove that you’ll be a worthy contestant.  But, even if you don’t make it onto the show, at least you can say you’ve tried.  And there’s always a next time, right?


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