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Do you like to spend your weekends crammed into a tiny space out the back of Public Bar with a bunch of Whovians?  If so, you should have been at the recording of Splendid Chaps last Sunday afternoon.

sc-colour‘What is Splendid Chaps?’ I hear you ask.  Well, if you’d bothered to click the above link [or do a quick Google search], you’d know that Splendid Chaps is a monthly podcast put together by comedian Ben McKenzie and writer John Richards in celebration of Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary.    Each episode focuses on a different Doctor and theme, with special guests and a musical performance.

This month’s episode, Five/Fear, was all about – you guessed it – the Fifth Doctor [and the topic of fear], with guests Tegan Higginbotham [who was actually named after Tegan the companion] and Narelle M Harris, as well as Georgia Fields.  Oh, and Petra Elliot resumed her regular co-hosting duties.  There’s no point in me recounting the actual contents of the podcast, as it’s currently available to be listened to [here].  But I can tell you a little bit about what it was like from an audience perspective.

The venue was tiny and cramped.  Thankfully we got there in time to get two of the last available seats.  There were people sitting on the floor and leaning on the bar.  That said, there was just enough room for everybody – nobody was turned away – and the cosiness did add to the atmosphere.  During the break, audience members were encouraged to write questions for the hosts to answer on the show.  There was also a door prize, which was pretty cool.

doctorwhotshirtsGlenn and I wore some awesome Doctor Who t-shirts.  Please excuse the awful quality of the photo; it was dark in there and the front camera on my phone takes pretty dodgy pictures.

I’ve been battling a pretty awful cold/flu-type thing for the past couple of weeks, and last Sunday was one of my worst days.  Having already purchased the tickets, I didn’t want to give them up, but I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it was to stop my coughing fits while the podcast was recording.  I somehow managed, though, which was good.  This sickness is also my excuse for why I haven’t written anything this week.  When I’m sick, I have a bit of trouble putting words into coherent sentences, which has prevented me from blogging [and also caused a couple of problems at trivia on Monday – thankfully Glenn was there to take the mic from me when I got a bit lost].  I am feeling quite a bit better now, thanks for asking.

Anyway, due to the live nature of the podcast’s recording, the audience is asked to refrain from talking during the show.  Laughter and applause are encouraged, however.  During the discussion, there were times that I wanted to whisper things [the main example being when they were talking about companions leaving the Doctor of their own accord, and didn’t mention Martha].  I managed to stop myself, but if you think you are prone to that kind of thing, my suggestion is to take a notepad and pen with you.

Overall, I really enjoyed the recording, and I definitely can’t wait until they get up to the New-Who era.  Although I imagine that for those podcasts they’ll need a much bigger venue.  Keep an eye out on the Splendid Chaps website for details of the next session.

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