And the Barry Award goes to … Russell Kane!

And the Barry Award goes to … Russell Kane!

Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again – time to say goodbye to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  As I walked past the Town Hall today, I was sad to see that many of the signs and posters had already been taken down.  One thing that was still there, however, was the chalkboard announcing the winner of this year’s prestigious Barry Award: Russell Kane.

It seems strange to say that I’m proud of him, but I guess it’s true.  No stranger to the ComFest circuit, it’s only in the past couple of years that Russell has been performing to increasingly bigger crowds.  I remember seeing him at the HiFi Bar’s Festival Club one night a couple of years ago, and his spot, while only five minutes, had me in fits of laughter [which didn’t stop, because straight after was Tim Vine with his classic “pen behind the ear” routine].

Last year, I was delighted to review his show for The Pun.  It was my first commissioned comedy review, and I’d like to think I did a decent job of it.  The show, Human Dressage, was brilliant [you can read my piece here], and I took pride in praising Russell’s social commentary. There weren’t many other reviews of the show published throughout the festival.

This year, however, I couldn’t stop reading about how great his show was.  I unfortunately didn’t get to see it [due to a lack of time and money], but I have no problem believing such reviews to be true.  And yes, I feel a little proud.  Not only proud of Russell, but also a little proud of myself.  Last year, I was singing writing his praises, and this year he’s taken out the big award.  So unlike what some of the commenters here had to say, maybe I did actually know what I was talking about after all.


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