All sorts of things [including Christmas Trivia, Finishing School, and a one sentence Metric review].

All sorts of things [including Christmas Trivia, Finishing School, and a one sentence Metric review].

Christmas Trivia

There are so many things that I want to be writing about right now, but I have more important things to do [sorry, but it’s true], so this is going to have to be brief and straight to the point.  These past few days I’ve been ridiculously busy with shoots, markets, live shows, trivia and conferences – and the madness isn’t going to end until sometime next week [I hope].  Not to mention that I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet…

Speaking of Christmas, the Do You Know What I Mean? Christmas and 2013 Wrap-Up Trivia Special is on Monday night, and it’s going to be a fun one.  There’ll be plenty of beer and other prizes on offer, and it is free to play as always.  The “official” event can be found here.

Metric rocked the Forum on Monday night, but they didn’t play “Monster Hospital”.

I will most likely play “Monster Hospital” however, when I DJ at the final Finishing School of the year on Friday night.  Held fortnightly at Trades Hall, Finishing School is the indie club night to beat all indie club nights, and it’s also where I learnt the art of DJing under the fine tutelage of Mr Andrew McClelland.  Entry is $10, but you’re guaranteed to get more than your money’s worth of good tunes.  More info here.

While I really would like to update you on more of the things going on in my life – like Blank Academy [which is what, exactly?  You’ll find out soon enough], the RocKwiz Salutes Vanda & Young live show, and my thoughts on the new Spicks and Specks [after seeing a preview clip yesterday] – it’s all going to have to wait.  In the meantime, you can read a letter that I wrote to Parks and Recreation after watching the first episode of season six over on The Iris [yes, I wrote a letter to a television show – what of it?], and keep up with me on Twitter – @brittinboots [although I’ve been so busy of late that I’ve barely had time to even tweet!].  Goodbye.


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