All Hell Breaks Loose IV

Last weekend my Sydney-based sisters, Sarah and Emma, attended the fourth edition of All Hell Breaks Loose.  I asked the two of them to report on the event, and this is what they had to say:

spn2The two of us: Emma [L] and Sarah [R].

The All Hell Breaks Loose convention invites guest star speakers from the hit TV series Supernatural to humour the audience with an intriguing, and otherwise seemingly saucy Q & A about the show, its episodes and anything else the fans fancy! So that we, as an audience, feel that we are connected to that actor on a more personal level, when the truth is we’re no different from where we started. You won’t hear us complaining though! Meet and greet is still more than some people get! The guest stars of this year’s event were: Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen, Sebastian Roché and Rob Benedict.

spn3 2Costume prep.  The picture of the two of us was taken by the photographer at the event. She invited us to come see her at the Doctor Who stand at Supernova.

Weeks of preparation in costume design allowed the two of us to dress to impress for this highly anticipated event. When brainstorming we thought of what symbols would be easily recognized by fans and guests alike and made a list of clichés to avoid, wanting only originality as our identifiers. We settled on each of us dressing as the Winchester brothers’ 1967 Chevy Impala! After much deliberation we decided that full black attire (jacket, shirt, pants, boots) would compliment the white number plates made and painted by us from cardboard. Yet the outfit was not quite complete, and it was then we thought we would bring it home with the Winchester brothers’ well known call and response; “bitch” and “jerk” in speech bubbles above our heads. It was fitting as it’s most commonly said in the episodes when bantering in the car!  The speech bubbles needed to be sturdy enough to withstand the force of wind as we walked so after laminating the signs we took apart an Easter headband with ears and used the wires underneath to slide them into a small incision.

spn1This is a photo of the panel that they deliberately staged to reproduce a fan fic written about them.

The doors opened at 8 am although due to a great traffic run we arrived at 7 am! Each guest had a 45 minute segment and there was an hour for intermission. I particularly enjoyed Sebastian Roché and a duo segment with Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohan. Mostly because during those segments Sebastian addressed as at our seats and Matt took a moment to stand and rest near our seats; placing his hand on my sister’s shoulder as he did!! A highlight would be when the panel was asked to impress us with their best pick up line! A stand out for both of us was Matt Cohan’s response: “Hey do you have any raisins?” / “No” / “Well how about a date?”

Needless to say, we shall be attending the Supernatural con again next year!


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