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DSC03714-polaBritt Aylen is a writer, producer and professional music nerd.  Originally from Melbourne, she recently spent twelve months at a radio station in Albury, before relocating to the Apple Isle.

Britt has produced, crewed on and presented music shows for community TV and radio, and written about music and television for numerous publications.  She was a contestant on RocKwiz twice before they hired her to work for them.  Britt has also dabbled in the world of music publicity, written for children’s television, and held an assortment of themed trivia nights at the John Curtin Hotel.  She’s currently working as a producer at a national media company, while also attempting to adapt her feature film script into a novel.

Britt has DJed at Mr McClelland’s Finishing School, Step Into My Office Baby, The Terminus Hotel in Abbotsford, Heart of Glass, various private functions, and The Melbourne Fringe Festival’s Opening Night Party.

2016 National Young Writers Festival – Artist
2017 Noted Festival – Artist
2016 & 2017 National Live Music Awards – Judging Panel (TAS)

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