[A Slightly Belated Recap of] Laneway 2013


This year’s Laneway Festival experience started off quite differently to any festival that I’ve ever been to.  Not long after I left the house that morning, I was in a road accident.

Now, there’s no need to worry – I’m fine, and my Vespa is fine – but I did show up to Laneway covered in bandaids, with taped fingers and a bandaged knee.  Sitting was a little bit of a struggle, as was walking, but I soldiered on.


Rachana and I arrived several hours later than intended, but just in time for the tail end of Snakadaktl‘s set.  The standing room in front of the small stage was cramped and the area was packed – this is one of the biggest problems with Laneway; the stage areas are incredibly narrow, and they fill up way too quickly.  We couldn’t see a thing, and the sound wasn’t the best because we were so far back.

IMG_4224Henry Wagons feat. The Nymphs.

Next up was Henry Wagons, and a much-needed sit-down.  Luckily for us, Mr Wagons was performing on the one stage that had a hill in front of it, meaning that people could sit [relatively] comfortably, and still see quite well.  With some vocal accompaniment from the girls in The Nymphs, Henry’s set was bluesy and fun.

IMG_4230 IMG_4231Of Monsters and Men.

We managed to catch most of The Rubens and Of Monsters and Men on the main stage.  Again, the area was so narrow that we had very little hope of actually seeing the stage.  Eventually, we found ourselves a nice shady spot in front of one of the screens, where I could sit once more.  ASOS were doing some sign-up-and-get-a-free-gift thing, from which I got a free watermelon icy-pole.  It was quite nice.


Japandroids were probably my highlight of the day.  It was great to see two guys just thrashing around and having fun [and playing very good music], while a good portion of the crowd stood there confused.  This was the same stage that Snakadaktl had played earlier, but this time there weren’t half as many people there, so I could actually see.


Yeasayer had the unfortunate luck of being scheduled at the same time as Flume, despite playing a much larger stage.  Now, I was quite happy about this, because I couldn’t give a shit about Flume, but I can imagine that it would have been disappointing for the band.  They were playing the main stage of a festival, but the crowd was absolutely tiny in comparison to the previous acts.

I’m guessing that it’s because Yeasayer were cool the last time that they played Laneway, but they’ve since dropped off the hipster radar [and been replaced by the likes of Flume].  Anyway, they were brilliant.

IMG_4248Bat for Lashes.

Our night ended with the beautiful Natasha Khan performing with Bat for Lashes.  They were great.  They played “Laura”.  Everyone was amazed.  The end.



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