Mark Ronson + Kyle Falconer = The Bike Song

Long time readers of would already know of my love for Kyle Falconer from The View, as well as my adoration of the lovely Mark Ronson.  Therefore, the knowledge that they would be collaborating on a track for Ronson’s new album [as Mark Ronson & the Business Intl], Record Collection, led to this being one of my most anticipated releases for the year.  And they certainly have not let me down.  Everything about this song, clip included, is just brilliant [aside from Mark’s bleached hair, that is].

On a related note, I’d just like to plug the lovely Flavia at  It was her article that alerted me that this clip was online.  They always provide fresh and interesting content over there, so I highly recommend that you click on over and check them out.  But specifically the ones written by Flavia, because she’s awesome.


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