EVEN MORE MICF MADNESS! You should most definitely see these shows.

EVEN MORE MICF MADNESS! You should most definitely see these shows.

The following letter is entirely fictional, but let’s pretend that I’m popular enough to get fanmail…

Dear Britt,
You are awesome
[why thank-you!], but you haven’t given any comedy recommendations in over a week! How am I supposed to know what shows to see? I need more jokes in my life and am completely incapable of making my own decisions. Help!
A Confused And Lonely Comedy-Lover

You want jokes? I’ve got jokes!

What kind of animal says “Queck”?
A duck from New Zealand!

What is black and white and red all over?
This penguin that I stabbed to death.

What? You want better jokes than that? You want jokes from “professional comedians”? Fine.

I’ll begin with some shows that you’ve missed out on [because they’ve already finished their MICF runs], but that you should definitely keep in mind for the future.

400_cropped_730x4122.1385000306If you enjoy sketch comedy: Andy Matthews & Alasdair Tremblay Birchall – Two in the Think Tank
For a show that was on at 11:15pm, Two in the Think tank was very energetic. A combination of quick skits and longer sketches, Andy and Alasdair were clearly having just as much fun as the audience. The final sketch, which I shall not describe for fear of spoiling it, was the absolute highlight. link

333_cropped_730x4122.1385003026If you wanted to see a very funny play that makes reference to a certain British actor: The Consumption Presents – The Voyage of the Alan Rickman
I wish I’d found the time to see this show earlier, so that I could have recommended it to people – and I’m not just saying that because I know a couple of the performers. But I went to the closing night, and it was marvellous. Telling the story of a space crew whose mission is to execute a sentient breakfast bar, The Voyage of the Alan Rickman was funny and clever, and I hope that they put on some encore performances at some point in the future so that more people get to see it. link

23_cropped_730x4122.1384341273If you liked the television series “Letters and Numbers”: Late Night Letters and Numbers
I’ve written about LNL&N on this blog before. It’s essentially a staged version of the game, but with added funny. The audience are encouraged to play along – and can even win prizes! Well, they could. Unfortunately last night’s show was the final performance of the festival, but I’m sure it’ll be back in he future. link

And now for some shows that you can still see. Catch them while you can!

show_page_display.1397096412If you like your stand-up to be a little bit depressing, but still leave you feeling good in the end: Roland Hoffman
Roland had his heart broken, lost his job and had to say goodbye to his dad over a fairly short period of time. Instead of seeking therapy, he wrote a comedy show. It’s quite funny, and cheap! link

398_cropped_730x4122.1384940531If you’ve ever been “the weird girl”: Sonia Di Iorio
Sonia’s comedy festival show is called “Don’t kiss the weird girl”, and for an awkward person like me it was every bit as relatable as you can imagine. link

268_cropped_730x4122.1385003425If you want to see a show at The Imperial at 8pm on any day of the week (can you tell that I’m running out of things to say?): Bart Freebairn
I’ve seen so many comedy shows over the past few weeks, and to be quite honest I’m running out of different ways to say “this person stands at the front of the room and says things and those things make you laugh”.  It’s stand-up, and it’s good. link

94_cropped_730x4122.1384997500If you want to see some more stand-up that, like everything else in this blog post, will make you laugh: Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor’s show is called “Funny”, so he’s lucky that it actually is.  Otherwise the reviewers would have a field day. link

457_cropped_730x4122.1385013569If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be taken hostage: Timothy Clark and Sam Petersen
It’s not as scary as you would imagine.  In fact, there’s something rather jovial about it all. link

293_cropped_730x4122.1385012933If you enjoy stand-up comedy that discusses rather deep things, like how you are going to be remembered after your inevitable death: Adam Knox
The title is explained during the course of the show.  Also, there may be some dancing.  Sort-of. link

291_cropped_730x4122.1384953455If you’re uncool: Ben McKenzie
Nerdy t-shirts!  Dinosaurs!  Facts!  Board games!  You get the picture… link


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