12 Days of Christmas Episodes is back!

12 Days of Christmas Episodes is back!


This time last year, I spent twelve days watching Christmas episodes of various television shows, and writing about them.  I chose to do this partly as an experiment to see if doing so would instill in me some sort of holiday spirit (spoiler: it didn’t), and partly because I wasn’t working very often, and needed a project to keep myself occupied.

While my opinions on Christmas itself remained unchanged (bah humbug!), the one thing I did gain from this exercise was a fascination with the particular tropes that are often found in Christmas television.  There were so many singalongs!  I also developed a newfound appreciation for the episodes that shied away from these tropes, or reinterpreted them in some way.

And so, despite now working full time and really not needing another hobby, I have decided to bring back the 12 Days of Christmas Episodes for another year.  This time, I shall introduce an arbitrary points system, in order to calculate exactly how “Christmassy” each Christmas episode is.  And I’ll try to cover a wider variety of series (as last year was a little skewed towards comedies and The Great British Bake Off).

I was going to begin this year’s installment tonight, but it’s after 11, and I’ve only just arrived back from Melbourne.  I considered lying to you, and backdating the post, but this is a relationship based on honesty, and I wouldn’t dare deceive you like that.  So I shall begin tomorrow, and finish on Christmas Day.

If there’s a particular episode or series that you’d like me to consider, please comment below, or contact me via Twitter.  I’ve already had requests for The Mindy Project and Scandal, so expect to see those soon.  Last year I missed a request for The OC, so I’ll be sure to include that one too.

I’ll be back tomorrow, with the first couple of episodes.  And now to try and work out this points system… (why oh why do I make things so complicated for myself?)


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