12 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day Two: The Great British Bake Off


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  • Debra
    6 years ago

    You crack me up completely, I love the daggy Christmas shows but like you have to draw on my inner strength to survive the Christmas festivities which are grossly overrated. My favourite day of the year is Boxing Day where I can sleep in, not cook anything and remove as quickly as I can every dust collecting decoration that I have put up.
    And yes I have Santa sacks under our tree and spent most of my precious Sunday wrapping presents just to have that wrapping torn off in milliseconds.
    The only redeeming element of Christmas is that I do not need an excuse to listen to Mariah Carey singing Christmas carols which I have playing at every opportunity, or perhaps our shared inner grinch is genetic and we really cannot help the way we feel but go along anyway to please those around us.
    So just remember when you unwrap your gift the amount of care and love I bestowed upon it whilst Mariah sang of joy and other church related things.
    Let it be our secret, our shared joy of Christmas.

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