12 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day Twelve: Would I Lie To You, 30 Rock, The West Wing and Outnumbered

12 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day Twelve: Would I Lie To You, 30 Rock, The West Wing and Outnumbered

I don’t like Christmas.  But in an attempt to be less of a Scrooge, I have decided to spend the 12 days leading up to Jesus’ birthday doing one of the few Christmas-related activities that doesn’t make me want to run away and hide: watching Christmas episodes of television shows.  And I’m going to write about it, because that’s just what I do.  Will this activity instil the spirit of Christmas within my cold, uncaring heart, or will I grow even more bitter toward the festive season?  Only time will tell…

I’m admitting defeat.  I still have at least three shows left to watch, but I need to stop.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up where I’ve left off in the morning, but I’m not going to make any promises.  The problem with watching and writing about so many different episodes in one day is that I’ve run out of different approaches to take.  “It’s not really Christmassy – I like it!” / “It makes use of every Christmas trope and suffers for it” – I sound like a broken record.

the-west-wing-xmas[image: Talking Down The Sun]

Would I Lie To You
Season 8, episode 8: “At Christmas”

With a 3:2 lie/truth ratio, this was an alright episode to watch first thing in the morning while putting off heading into the madness that is shopping on Christmas Eve. [more]

30 Rock
Season 2, episode 9: “Ludachristmas”

You can’t have Christmas without “Ludachristmas”. This episode has everything: Liz’s family, Colleen Donaghy, and an important lesson about the meaning of Christmas, courtesy of Reverend Gary. [more]

The West Wing
Season 1, episode 10: “In Excelsis Deo”

This episode is a Sorkin special. Still in the first season, Mandy hasn’t disappeared yet, and Janel Maloney is only a guest cast member, but aside from that it’s a fairly typical Sorkin season episode of The West Wing. [more]

Season 2, episode 10: “Noël”

A Very Special Episode about post traumatic stress disorder, “Noël” sees Sorkin get so preachy that we even get our own parable. [more]

“The Sick Party”

An Outnumbered episode I hadn’t seen! This was a surprise to find on the telly. From Christmas 2012, “The Sick Party” sees the Brockmans attempt to host a Christmas party for their neighbours. And Pete’s mum. And Jane, who is rather ill. [more]


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