12 Days of Christmas Episodes: Day Three – even more Friends

"The One with the Inappropriate Sister" - image via Recap Guide
“The One with the Inappropriate Sister” – image via Recap Guide

Friends – season 5, episode 10 – “The One with the Inappropriate Sister”

Decorated apartment/Central Perk = 1pt
Total = 1 point

Friends – season 6, episode 10 – “The One with the Routine”

Trimming the tree = 1pt
Decorated apartment/Central Perk = 1pt
Phoebe, Rachel and Chandler searching for their presents in Monica’s apartment = 1pt
Total = 3 points

One incredibly un-Christmassy Christmas episode, followed by a slightly more (but still not very) Christmassy one. I really wanted to watch and write about Veronica Mars and iZombie today, but I went bowling with the roller derby team after work, and got home quite late. Now I’m exhausted, and I need to be up early for my breakfast radio show (Brekky with Britt – Thursday mornings on 107.3 2REM). So in lieu of any further notes, I shall leave you with this:


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