12 Days of Christmas Episodes: Day One – Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friends, and The Mindy Project

12 Days of Christmas Episodes: Day One – Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friends, and The Mindy Project

The One With Phoebe’s Dad [image via TV Fanatic]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: season 1, episode 11 – “Christmas”

Christmas music in the cold open = 1pt
Miscellaneous Santa x 2 = 2pts
Decorated precinct = 1pt
Search for the perfect present (variation – card, not present) = 1pt
Total = 5 points

And so begins the 12 Days of Christmas Episodes, with a not-terribly-Christmassy episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine, hurriedly watched during my lunch break. The A plot revolves around Jake and Captain Holt, and is not at all holiday-related. But there is a cute secondary plot where Amy Santiago and Gina team up to create the perfect holiday card for the Captain. A well-balanced beginning for this completely unnecessary experiment.

Friends: season 2, episode 9 – “The One With Phoebe’s Dad”

Christmas music used for all transitions = 1pt
Decorated apartment/Central Perk = 1pt
Never-before-seen family member = 1pt
Mistletoe (or basil?) = 1pt
Major cast members sitting around opening presents = 1pt
Total = 5 points

One of the Christmas tropes that didn’t come to mind until watching this episode was the inclusion of never-before-seen family members. This is the only episode of Friends in which Phoebe’s grandmother is present, and although she’s not there specifically for Christmas, it is interesting how these holiday episodes are often an excuse for big name guest stars – think about the Thanksgiving episode with Brad Pitt, or the one with Christina Applegate.

Friends: season 3, episode 10 – “The One Where Rachel Quits”

Decorated Central Perk = 1pt
Christmas holiday job (Joey selling Christmas trees) = 1pt
“God bless us, everyone!” (said by Rachel) = 1pt
Total = 3 points

Also known as The One With Young Mae Whitman (Her?). The A plot involved Ross breaking a young girl’s leg, and then setting out to sell cookies for her. The other storylines saw Rachel quit her job at Central Perk, and Phoebe struggle with the death of old Christmas trees. Unlike the previous Friends episode, we didn’t have any Christmas music, or gift giving. It was a low-key Christmas-time story, and I liked it.

The Mindy Project: season 4, episode 13 – “When Mindy Met Danny”

Decorated home/hospital = 1pt
Christmas music used for incidentals/transitions = 1pt
“Last Christmas” over closing credits = 1pt
Total = 3 points

Full disclosure – I’m a Mindy virgin. This is my first episode, and I don’t know how I feel about it. The show is cute – those advent calendar transitions at the start of the episode were adorable. I enjoyed the meta jokes, but found the slapstick to be a bit much. And the flashback storyline was a convenient introduction to all of the characters. Although set at Christmas, it wasn’t the most Christmassy of episodes, as reflected in the score above. All in all, I’m not a Mindy convert, but I’d probably watch it again sometime (if it were on Netflix or Stan and I was looking for something light/easy).


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