12 Days of Christmas Episodes: Day Five – Super Fun Night

12 Days of Christmas Episodes: Day Five – Super Fun Night


Super Fun Night – series 1, episode 9 – “Merry Super Fun Christmas”

Decorated house – 1pt
Traumatic Christmas flashback – 1pt
Singing several Christmas songs with strange lyrics – 1pt
Never-before-seen relative – 1pt
Christmas dinner with all the trimmings – 1pt
Is this a Christmas miracle?! – 1pt
Trimming the tree – 1pt
Proper group singalong = 3pts
Total = 10 points

Why Super Fun Night? Because the episode is only twenty minutes long, it’s on Stan, and I’ve just arrived home from Tom and Olly’s RnB Fridays Christmas Party. I need sleep.

What happened to day four/yesterday? Funny you should ask. I started writing an essay of sorts about Rob Thomas’ use of music in Veronica Mars and iZombie, but I haven’t finished it yet. Also, I left it at work and won’t be able to pick it up til next week. Therefore, day four will probably be combined with day eight, and published on Monday.

Are you writing this blog post at the same time as watching the episode? Yep.

Are you even paying attention? Somewhat. I’m paying enough attention to award the relevant points.

Isn’t that cheating? This is my blog content – I make the rules! Also, why do you care?

Were you happy with the Survivor finale? That tribal council with the idols and the re-vote was amazing, and a prime example of why this season is one of the best that Survivor has ever produced. I wasn’t terribly satisfied with the jury’s choice of winner, but I’m sure they had their reasons. I just hope we see Keith Nale again soon.


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