12 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day Five: QI

I don’t like Christmas.  But in an attempt to be less of a Scrooge, I have decided to spend the 12 days leading up to Jesus’ birthday doing one of the few Christmas-related activities that doesn’t make me want to run away and hide: watching Christmas episodes of television shows.  And I’m going to write about it, because that’s just what I do.  Will this activity instil the spirit of Christmas within my cold, uncaring heart, or will I grow even more bitter toward the festive season?  Only time will tell…

When I conceived the idea for this little project, I thought I’d have a lot of time to kill in these days leading up to Christmas.  Typically, this has turned out to not be the case, and I’m now trying to squeeze in the time to watch and write about things, leading to abysmal efforts such as that from last night (where I was a little too ambitious – had I just watched one episode of a sitcom, rather than a two hour long combined pair of specials, I may have fared better).

Tonight I technically do have a bit of time, as I’m home for the evening (for once), but I have some other things to do as well.  I’ve just had dinner with my housemate who I rarely see (despite us living under the same roof).  I have the final episode of The Newsroom to watch, and there’s new Degrassi!

This choice of series comes courtesy of No Such Thing As a Fish, which is the podcast that I listen to when there’s no Serial.  Named from a fact in an old episode of QI, No Such Thing As a Fish has four QI Elves discussing interesting facts.  It’s quite good.  Not as good as Serial (which is in a league of its own), but still quite good.

1361376000qi_10_rx1-298[image: QI]

Series I, episode 15: “Ice”

The series I Christmas special, “Ice” features panellists Ross Noble, Brian Blessed and Sean Lock.  Fun fact:  despite his first appearance being in series H, Ross Noble has now been in more QI episodes than many other QI regulars.  Clocking in at a current total of 13, Ross has managed to overtake Sue Perkins and Jeremy Clarkson (both 12),  Johnny Vegas (8) and Jack Dee (6).  He’s still a long way behind the most common contestants – both Bill Bailey and Jo Brand hold the lead with 34 episodes apiece – but is very close behind Dara O’Briain (14).

[image: iheartqi]

Despite technically being a Christmas episode – with the requisite bells in the opening titles – there is very actual holiday-related content.  Most of the facts discussed are about the country of Iceland (where Big Macs cost more than they do anywhere else in the world).  The only Christmassy thing is at the very end, where the panellists use numbered tonal bells to attempt to play “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.  This reminds me of when I was in either grade one or two in primary school, and we had special bells brought in for a music lesson.  The most mischievous boy in the class somehow ended up with the biggest bell – it was about the size of his face! – and used it to hit another kid so hard that he cracked his head open.  The injured boy was okay in the end (I think they had to take him to hospital, but it was nothing too serious), however I can’t see music bells without considering their potential use as a weapon.

In tomorrow’s edition of 12 Days of Christmas Episodes, a wealthy family has their Christmas party interrupted by a scorned woman with a knife.  What could it be?  You’ll have to wait to find out (unless you already know).


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