12 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day Eleven: Saturday Night Live

12 Days of Christmas Episodes – Day Eleven: Saturday Night Live

I don’t like Christmas.  But in an attempt to be less of a Scrooge, I have decided to spend the 12 days leading up to Jesus’ birthday doing one of the few Christmas-related activities that doesn’t make me want to run away and hide: watching Christmas episodes of television shows.  And I’m going to write about it, because that’s just what I do.  Will this activity instil the spirit of Christmas within my cold, uncaring heart, or will I grow even more bitter toward the festive season?  Only time will tell…

Saturday Night Live
Season 40, episode 10: Amy Adams & One Direction

It’s a happy coincidence that this episode technically qualifies as a Christmas one (there are several Christmas-related sketches, and Amy Adams refers to it as such in the opening monologue), as I was just watching it to see if any of the other sketches were up to the brilliant standard of their Serial parody.

They weren’t, but that’s because this sketch is so good.  In fact, Glenn and I both enjoyed it so much that we used part of it as a question at Monday night’s Christmas trivia special.  See for yourself:

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and the last day of my 12 Days of Christmas Episodes experiment.  I still have a lot of shows left to watch (because I didn’t plan this out properly/at all), but thankfully I don’t have much else to do (aside from a tiny little bit of last-minute Christmas shopping).  Wish me luck!


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